Concrete Gym
Concrete Gym
Fitness photography and sketching

I started thinking about how bodyweight and placement of pieces would effect our form and increase muscle definition. Highlighting areas that change and become more prominent. It is useful to know how a weighted piece may effect the body, either enhancing aesthetics or complicating.

My ideas have developed to pieces that possess a form of resistance to increase muscle definition. Using fitness cords and ropes that attached to silver and concrete, emphasising the environment that inspires me.

Tomorrow my plan is to collate more imagery, taking fresh photos at the gym and sketching again before creating sample pieces in my chosen materials.


Workout Video’s

Concrete Gym


As part of my research its important that I create and collect media to help inspire my new jewellery collection. I want to capture movement and form whilst exercising and using weights. The following videos are the beginning of my research.

Ball Slams & Burpees


Squats & Lunges

How fitness found me and I found myself…

Concrete Gym Contemporary Jewellery


I’ve told my story a million times and each time I find myself triggering new emotions and memories. 2014 was the worst year of my life because my Mum was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma grade 4 brain tumour. It was such a devastating time for my family and I and it came as such as shock.

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